every time i fall asleep my brother steals my laptop and somehow logs on and takes pictures on my webcam. image







Give that kid a medal.

This is probably the best thing I’ve seen on here so far

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Okay, so I little while ago, I went to the girls’ CR to fix my hair.

A few minutes later, this girl came in, looked at the mirror and saw me. She looked really shocked to see me there, so she took a few steps back and checked the sign to see if she really did go inside the right place. Less than a minute after, another girl came in (I’m assuming they’re friends) and did the same freaking thing.

Basically, both of the girls thought one of them, or us, is in the wrong place…..


Hello po. Just want to ask, what does the "Photograph" section in the application form consists of? I can't fill up kasi Academic Background po. sa phone ko eh. I'm just trying to look at what's in, para ready na pag final na decision ko. Thanks po.

I am so sorry na ngayon lang ako sumagot and I don’t have the answer to your question. :-( I think you should contact the Admissions Office so they could attend to your queries. :-)

3 days before I turn another year older, I made some pretty awesome decisions and realizations in life.

One day, I will have my own family, and I will become a father. Yes, I want to become a father. I will live a life so good that when people accuse me of something bad, no one would buy it.

Soon enough, I will physically become the man I always have been. I am going to have my own offspring and I’ll treat them like they are the most precious possessions I’ve ever had, because that’s what they are. I will support my kids in anything they want to be or wish to do, as long as it’s right and will not inflict any form of harm to anyone at all. I will do so in any way, anyhow. I will love them no matter who they are and who they love. I am always going to be there for them, to support them, to guide them, to protect them and to provide for them. I will be their best friend. Yeah, sure, they can have other best friends but I will make sure I will be the first one they run to if ever they find out that the best friend they had turned out to be just like the rest. I will be the best version of myself because I want to be the person they look up to. If someone ever asks them what they want to be when they grow up, they will say “I want to be like my dad. I want to be a good person”. That’s the kind of father I want to be.

I will be the kind of father, and parent, that I never had.